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Billy Jealousy Combat Lines, $38
YouBeauty recently blogged about Billy Jealousy and said, “Just don’t forget your sun protection while you’re out—Billy Jealousy adds radiance-boosting antioxidant extracts to its SPF 30 lotion that is so lightweight and easy to apply, you’ll no doubt take a swipe when he isn’t looking.” 

Billy Jealousy Combat Lines, $38

YouBeauty recently blogged about Billy Jealousy and said, “Just don’t forget your sun protection while you’re out—Billy Jealousy adds radiance-boosting antioxidant extracts to its SPF 30 lotion that is so lightweight and easy to apply, you’ll no doubt take a swipe when he isn’t looking.” 

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The Pink Sith Has a Sinfully Good Idea

Pink Sith gives a raving good review of our one-and-only Shave3Some!



“There is a great 3 piece set for any guy wanting a “sinfully” good shave. It’s called the Billy Jealousy Shave3Some and it is 3, three ounce bottles of Billy Jealousy’s top and essential shaving products! Have a guy on your shopping list and want to give them something other than a tie or socks?…OK. Maybe you all are a bit more creative than I am when it comes to guy gifts, but since I like to get all my shopping done at one store I thought I would pick up some “beauty” items for the guys on my holiday gift list.”- Pink Sith

Click here to read more of this RAVE review.

Thank you so very much, Pink Sith for the kind words, now you just have to get Mr. Sith to use it. ;)


Shave3Some, No Strings Attached

"No-shave November" is coming to a close! It’t nearly time to treat yourself to a Shave3Some-the only threesome with no strings attached. Shave3Some

Shave3Some, $40 Vee Travels recently reviewed the best grooming products for men. “For quick shave that’s easy to bring along in your carry-on and still provides that barbershop feel, Billy Jelaousy’s Shave3Some collects its unique shave system of the Hot Towel, Hydroplane and Shaved Ice.”

  • Hot Towel, Pre-Shave System is a unique, water-activated heating agent that produces the definitively clean, consummate shave in a modern context. Key ingredients include:  zeolite, a water-activated heating agent, kaolin, helps retain moisture, and bisabolol (chamomile extract), soothes skin. **Must be used with Hydroplane.
  • Hydroplane, Super-Slick Shave Cream is a rich, technologically advanced, foamless cream that keeps you looking sharp and feeling noticed. Key ingredients include: PPG/PPG Dimethicone, a water-soluble microsilicone yielding a frictionless shave and purified citrus oils (Grapefruit, Orange and Bergamot), to help smooth and tone skin.
  • Shaved Ice, After-Shave Balm quickly cools and moisturizes your skin, meaning you will feel almost as chilled as that Martini you should have waiting in the wings. Key ingredients: Acrylate Cross Polymer, quickly cools skin, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, moisturizes and promotes skin healing while restoring pH balance, and Allantoin, blocks pain and soothes blade-grazed skin.

Billy Jealousy Shave3Some: to get the best shave experience, use the whole system. And remember, it’s the only threesome with no strings attached.

MSN Glo on Unisex Products, Hot Towel

Of course our line of cosmeceutical products is unisex, but sometimes it takes an outside opinion to believe it! But that’s ok, as long as you share now that you know!

Hot Towel 8 ozHot Towel, $30

"It works best on more resilient skin, so use it on your legs and underarms while your guy can use it on his face." MSN Glo definitely understands. So if you’re looking to free up some space in your cabinets, share more products with your significant other.

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Want To Look Ready For the Cannes Red Carpet?

As the Cannes Film Festival draws to a close, Details caught up with famed Cannes barber Laurent Briard, who prepped VIP guests for their red-carpet walk. Here, Briard shares his favorite men’s grooming looks and gives simple tips for how to recreate them at home.

chris_leo_just_garrett_cannes_grooming_460Who: Christoph Waltz (Cannes Jury Member)

Laurent says: “Here’s someone who looks like he just woke up, but somehow manages to appear handsome and charming. His style is easy, mature, and quietly confident. He’s clearly not trying to be the center of attention, but he’s impossible to ignore.” Get the Look: Keep the sideburns long and full. With the hair, you’re going for a very matte, almost rough look. Apply a small, dime-sized dab of a medium-hold cream to create a little direction and texture. Use your fingers, not a comb, to keep the look as natural as possible. Make sure to shave with a super lubricating cream (like Billy Jealousy’s Hydroplane Super-Slick Shave Cream) to prevent unsightly nicks and bumps. Read More

Upgrade Your Hair Stuff With Cool Medium


Hair Type: Thinning (not thin), dry hair

The Look: Hydrated shine

What it does: What’s “cool” are the DHT blockers packed in there that fight the onset of hair loss and the extracts of cucumber and lemon that moisturize. What’s “medium” is the hold, shine, and citrus scent.

Cool medium hair gel ($16) by Billy Jealousy,

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DERMSTORE’S - 5 Things Men Should Use


I have completely gone off foam in a can or even a gel you smudge across your face. As the name would suggest, this shave cream is giving you a slick surface to shave on, and it makes shaving in easily irritable and sensitive places, such as the neck, a breeze. There’s no real need for a pre-shave oil, despite my continued use and fondness for them, as this product has it all covered." -Sam

Hydroplane Super-Slick Shave Cream, $20

We all need some moisturizing from time to time, especially those of us with naturally dry skin. Importantly, this isn’t too thick so it absorbs well and gives the skin a nice hydrating and soft feel, all without smelling like medicinal menthol that brands have been throwing at us lately." -Sam

Combination Code Face Moisturizer, $26

Men’s Health | March Must-Haves

TRIPLE CROWN    Three-In-One Body Wash

Lugging separate shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel bottles in your gym bag is a workout in itself. Opt for an all-in-1 product that will go the distance—after you’ve ran yours. This one from Billy Jealousy also acts as a shave lotion so you can clean up before your 10 o’clock meeting ($20,

Salad Days + The Shower Fantasy Theory

Salad Days

We thoroughly enjoyed this review of Salad Days Body Scrub from Nick Stern & Meg from Not only is it an entertaining read, it gives the ladies with a nice tip on how to get this great-smelling, skin-improving scrub into their man’s shower… Oh, and how to get a little bonus action in there as well. I think we can all agree - good times.

Just if she brings it (Salad Days Body Scrub) over and puts it in the shower, that would be nice and then I would have sex with her in the shower.  -Nick

Read the full review at :

Billy Jealousy’s Salad Days Body Scrub, $36,